Local producers



Best local producers near the Mas de pierre-étoile

For wines, please consult our List of Wine estates

Farmers’ markets

Tuesday late afternoon:

Lourmarin, in the direction of Apt, parking of la Fruitière numérique

Thursday late afternoon:

Lauris, below the village, at the Café associatif 

Saturday morning:

Cadenet, pétanque ground, behind the church

Markets :

Monday morning:

Lauris and Cadenet

Tuesday morning:

Cucuron, near the Bassin (take the opportubity to have a drink)

Friday morning:

Lourmarin (book for an aïoli lunch?)

Monday and wednesday late afternoon (from 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM)

Guillaume Argentin (Ansouis)

(Leaving the Mas, turn left. You can go by bike. It’s almost flat and very nice.)

Fruits, vegetables, herbs

Don not miss: very large choice of delicious salads (our turtle Niquedouille love it!)

Everyday 9.00 AM to noon (summertime) 

Domaine La Corrée (Lourmarin)

Fruits, vegetables, rosé wine

Do not miss: asparagus and strawberries in Spring, watermelon in Summer

Taste the jams !

Au petit marché (Villelaure)

Fruits, vegetables ( not only local), deli and a good choice of wines from the region

Do not miss strawberries in Spring and melons in Summer

Taste tomatoes and peaches in Summer!

La Bardane (Cadenet) – Coopération paysanne

Local production exclusively. Limited choice of fruits and vegetables but there are also eggs, meat, fish, flour, olive oil, honey, essential oils

Don not miss sausages and free-range chicken

Taste honey and their 3 stars salads

Everyday (summertime), from 8.45 to 7.30

Chez Mr Challet (Lauris)

Fruits, vegetables, herbs, jams.. and if you have the chance to meet the boss, much more

Do not miss Fruit juices, apples, apricots, asparagus in Spring

Monday-Saturday 10AM-1PM 3PM-7PM

Olive oil Mill Bastide du Laval (à Cadenet)

You are offered a tour of the Mill with an audio-guide as well as a commented  tasting. Very nice Boutique of souvenirs

Taste absolutely Green olive oil with a unique taste and packed with antioxydants

Les choses simples (Lauris)

Opening hours


Soaps, candles, diffusers, sprays and a very nice selection of objects for the Home in a refined and minimalist style

Smell absolutely the range of products “Savon de Marseille”

*You can also taste the Gibassier from la Maison du gibassier Lourmarin (on arriving in Lourmarin, at the roundabout, turn left. It’s a little further on the right. Very good apple shortbread too



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